When Dwight asked me to be part of the Artifact Project I was thrilled. One sphere is in my apartment in Denver and the other came with me back up to Alaska, as I was sure that's where I wanted to put it. I chose a location on the Top of the World Highway about a mile from the Canadian border (but careful to make sure it was on the Alaska side). By doing this, I was able to leave something beautiful behind in a place that means so much to me as I start a new chapter of my life. This special location represents the natural beauty and great expanse of Alaska. I thought about several locations before I decided on this one and I know the sphere found the right location to spend its existence. Thanks Dwight for creating this wonderful art project!






Dwight Davidson Sculpture




Yesterday I participated in something called "The Artifact Project" started in 1986 by my friend Dwight Davidson Here's a brief summary from his website: I started The ARTIFACT PROJECT in February, 1986. My intent was to create a conceptual work of art that consisted of creating a series of cobalt glazed ceramic spheres and then placing them in different places around the world and in doing so, these orbs, their locations, identifying numbers and the people who participated would all have connections to each other. For more of a detailed explanation and to see more of his amazing sculpture work, visit Dwight's website at www.davidsonsculpture.com



Marc Heft

Top of the World Highway

Alaska, USA Yukon Territory

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Artifact numbers GC6-12/2012 A & B